7 Ugandan Snacks You’ve Just Got to Try

While visiting Uganda, you’ll find that most people’s cultural action happens on the streets and roadsides – people hawking their goods, kids running to and from school, friends hanging out just chatting. There’s always movement, and there’s always food involved.

Day and night, you’ve got people selling all types of Ugandan snacks at traffic lights, at bus stops, on buses, at street corners, and in roadside stalls. And, of course, a reciprocal wealth of travelers buying them. You won’t find in any guidebook for Africa’s authentic taste; check out the following Ugandan snacks.

Top 8 Ugandan Snacks You Must Try

  1. Ugandan Rolex
  2. Muchomo
  3. Samosa
  4. Chapatis
  5. Plantain chips
  6. Roasted Plantain
Rolex most popular Uganda snack

Ugandan Rolex

Sorry to burst your bubble; this snack is not related to your watch. Far from that, the snack gets its name from a pronunciation of ‘rolled eggs’ into a chapati; roll-eggs (Rolex).

Rolex is a trendy snack among Ugandans and travelers, and you’ll most probably find it anywhere on the streets.

The Ugandan Rolex is fried on a hot pan, combining an egg omelet and veggies wrapped in a chapati. One of the most delicious snacks you’ll have in Uganda.

Muchomo roadside snack in uganda


The term Muchomo is a Swahili word referring to an act of celebration that follows a victorious finish. In Uganda, every triumph is always celebrated with roasted meat, and thus, the name Muchomo was coined.

Muchomo in Uganda is beef, chicken, or goat’s meat roasted over an open fire. Barbecue is the more formal reference.

Experience Uganda from home

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Enjoy Uganda from home

If you make a stop at any bus station while traveling in Uganda‘s countryside, take care how fast you open your window. One of those Muchomo sticks gunning for your purchase may pork your eye or any of the other Ugandan snacks trying to get their way into your car.

Like many open-air roasted foods, it is this scrumptious aroma that keeps travelers sticking out their windows at the bus stop to savor the Muchomo aroma.

Samosa uganda snack


East Africa has adopted the Indian samosa (also known as samusa) as their own. Found in restaurants and from street vendors throughout Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, these tasty and satisfying parcels of meat or veggies are a delicious pick-me-up.

Chapati Uganda snack


Fabulous to stop for during a long road trip or to bring on the bus with you. Chapatis are a delicious snack found all over eastern Africa. Flaky and melt in your mouth, chapatis are best eaten fresh with a cup of tea and while hanging out in a small stall with locals.

Plantain Chips - Uganda travel snack

Plantain chips

These lip-smacking chips are found throughout most of Africa and are ideal for long journey snacking or stave off any meal’s hunger pains.

Roasted Plantain - uganda trvale snack

Roasted Plantain

Although they look like bananas, plantains (also called Boli in Nigeria) have a banana’s sweetness when ripe but are starchy like a potato. And when barbecued, the sweet-savory taste will leave you begging for more and more and more!

Have you tried a local treat or any of the exciting Ugandan snacks that gave your taste buds a buzz? Share your experience in the comments below.

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