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Arusha city tour is part of the safari experience which tourists can get during their tours around the northern part of Tanzania. Also referred to as a safari capital, Arusha is amidst different safari destinations in the northern part of Tanzania such as Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park, Arusha national park, Ngorongoro crater, and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Walking safaris and Market visits are among the tour experience which tourists get as they engage in the Arusha city tour. Other locations around Arusha which are visited during a city tour experience include the following;

Cultural heritage center

The cultural heritage center in Arusha offers a wide variety of art and craft work from the different tribes around Tanzania which are displayed in curio shops, jewelry boutiques, as well as galleries.

For about 20 years now, the cultural heritage center which was started in 1994 as a way of continuing the legacy of the culture of the ancestors.

The Arusha cultural heritage center is located in the outskirts of Arusha and they offer a wide range of items such as precious stones which include rubies, emeralds, tsavorite, diamonds, sapphires, opals, tanzanite, antiques, clothing and textiles, accessories, books as well as spices.

There are also painting and sculptures at the cultural heritage center and other artifacts from different parts of the continent which are collected by experts and emerging African artists who can also purchase these items.

Antiques at the cultural heritage center range from beaded antiques, furniture, wood, bronze and masks. Photographs are also part of the items displayed at the cultural heritage center.

An added bonus to the cultural heritage center is a restaurant which offers fresh food and buffet or a la carte and foods like salads, a variety of homemade curry and mouthwatering traditional African dishes.

Maserani Snake park

The snake park is located about 25 kilometers west of Arusha and is home to a variety of reptiles such as crocodiles, pythons, black and green mambas, Egyptian cobras, puff adders, monitor lizards, tortoises and many others.

There is also a campsite at the snake park which has facilities like hot showers, clean wash rooms and is also a convenient stop during a safari to or from Serengeti national park or the Ngorongoro crater.

Camel rides are also offered at the snake park at a fee of about 2000 Tanzania shillings for each person. Tourists can also experience the culture of the people of Tanzania by touring the cultural museum and the Maasai crafts market, visiting the traditional Maasai huts, seeing the traditional Maasai jewelry which is made by the Maasai women.

Another fun activity during the cultural experience is getting to dress up like a Maasai warrior with the spear, blankets and shield. The bar is also another fun place to visit during a tour around the snake park which has a roof with different items like shirts, bank notes and many other items which all tell a story. 

There is also a clinic, workshop and an orphanage at the snake park. 

Arusha declaration Monument

Another location which tourists visit during their city tour of Arusha is the Arusha declaration monument. This landmark is also referred to as “mnara wa amizio la Arusha”.

Attractions which can be seen around Arusha include the following;

Arusha national park

Arusha national park is the closest wildlife viewing destination to the town which has spectacular views of Mount Meru and is home to wildlife species such as black and white colobus monkeys, water bucks, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, warthog and dik dik.

This national park which is about 552 square kilometers in size has a diversity of habitats and is made up of a montane forest, Ngurdoto crater, momela lakes and Mount Meru which makes up a big part of Arusha national park’s horizon.

Mount Meru 

Mount Meru is the 5th highest mountain in Africa at 4566 meters and is the second highest in Tanzania after Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Tanzania at 5895 meters and is also located in the northern part of Tanzania.

How to get there

Arusha national park is located east of Arusha and is a short drive from Arusha town which is about 25 kilometers away and from Moshi, Arusha national park is about 58 kilometers away.

The 2 airports in Arusha include Kilimanjaro international airport and Arusha airport. Airlines which operate in Tanzania include Air Tanzania, Precision air, coastal aviation, Auric air, Air excel as well as Regional Air. 

There are also different accommodation facilities which tourists can stay at during their safaris or tours in Arusha and these include midrange accommodations, luxury accommodations as well as budget accommodations.

Hotels around Arusha include Tulia boutique hotel and spa, Runako Lodge, Mount Meru hotel, Arusha coffee lodge, Gran Melia Arusha, Arusha planet lodge, Green mountain hotel, African tulip, Arusha planet lodge, Kibo palace hotel and many others.

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