Community Tours in Uganda

What is Community Tourism?

Community Tourism includes tours, workshops, performances, dining, home stays and accommodation, all of which are provided by the local community.

How does this benefit the community?


These organizations are owned and managed by the local community, creating jobs in regions with few opportunities. They provide employment for people with a variety of skills, including drivers, cooks, guides, dancers, managers and service staff.

A percentage of the income is often put into a community fund, which may be spent on health, education or conservation initiatives such as building a classroom or orphanage, reforesting areas of land or HIV awareness campaigns.

How this benefit the conservation

In areas with few employment opportunities, tourism can provide an important source of income which discourages people from carrying out non-sustainable activities such as poaching, fishing, logging or gathering firewood from protected forests. Receiving tourists also provides and incentive for communities to value their natural environment and preserve it for future visitors and residents.

How this benefits tourists

Visitors to community tourism projects experience a unique and authentic side of Ugandan life, as they eat traditional food, meet the villagers, play with the kids and are guided by experts who have lived here their whole lives.
A community tour or home stay is sure to provide one of the most meaningful memories of your Ugandan holiday!

community-based tourism

Our community safaris allow our clients not only an in-depth cultural exposure but also the privilege of making a difference by being part of volunteer building teams.

Build a village clinic, and classroom block, volunteer your skills and expertise as a farmer, doctor, and nurse.

We aim to give our clients a complete and sensational experience of Africa.


Community Uganda Travel specializes in responsible community based tourism in Uganda as our emphasis is to link visitors and communities for homestay tourism, volunteer tourism, and support community initiatives.

We believe that responsible community based travel or tourism is the main concept for community transformation and we are committed to offering professional and friendly service to our clients as well as life-changing experiences living with the friendly

Ugandan people in their local community. We believe that an experience of wildlife and landscape in Uganda is not enough we believe that for one to have a meaningful experience at a given destination, they must be able to connect with the local people at their level.

community-based tourism Uganda
community-based tourism Uganda

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