Pineapple Bay on Bulago Island

Visit Pineapple Bay on Bulago Island – Uganda’s Beautiful Hidden Jewel



The pineapple bay is located on Bulago Island within Lake Victoria and it can be accessed by both air transport which takes about 10 minutes and by boat, in which case it takes 40 minutes. It is located only a mile away in the south of the Equator and it some kind of paradise that is worth visiting whenever you visit the country on your Safari in Uganda. The pineapple Bay Resort is among those really amazing places in Uganda on Ssese Islands. Ssese Islands make one of the best islands there is in the world, pineapple bay resort is a must place on Bulago Island and you can visit any time of the year.


Pineapple bay-an amazing place for unwinding

You can spend quality time at the beautiful sand beach. There are palm trees and this help give you the feeling of a real coastal breeze despite the fact that you are far from Zanzibar, Mombasa or even Malindi which are some of the most amazing places along the cost of  Kenya. Our beautiful beaches in Uganda are along the shores of Lake Victoria’s given the fact that Uganda is landlocked thus making places like pineapple bay resort leading destinations. Pineapple Bay Resort is among the few islands that form what the Lonely Planet referred to as the Best Secret Island Destinations across the globe.

For an amazing luxury safari, the pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island is the place for you to visit, you can take a boat cruise to the island, cross over  in to Victoria, the Great Lake in the region. You can take 6 kilometers long walk on the sandy beaches, watch the sunset and the sunrise, sun bathing, you can do a lot of swimming from the swimming pool or in the lake whenever you feel like relaxing.

For tourists, those that are more interested in adventure, Bulago Island where the pineapple Bay Resort is located is largely covered by forest while some parts are covered by savannah Grasslands kind of vegetation. This therefore means that you can get to see primates like the monkeys, different exotic bird species when the walk out and fly out of the forest but you can also go for when you take a walk in the forest where you will also find Monitor Lizards and other forest creatures.

Pineapple Bay Resort is definitely the best choice as it is beautiful sandy beach offering at the same time an amazing tropical Island adventure in a country like Uganda yet this is an experience you can only expected along the shores of the oceans like in Kenya. For both the locals and the foreigner, this is one of the places where you can relax from for a day or 2 before or even after your long Safari in other parts of Uganda.

Amazing activities to engage in while at the resort

There are several activities that you can engage in if you wish to keep yourself busy during your stay. You can choose to go fishing in Lake Victoria and you will can be sure that you will catch some fish. The commonly caught fish in this lake is the Nile Perch which is the largest freshwater fish in Africa.

You can go for boat cruise too but this has to be arranged prior. The boat cruise can be a sun-downer cruise on the Lake and that is a really an amazing adventure. It can be a morning or an evening cruise depending on what time you wish to do it. At the end of the cruise, you will return to the resort and have some refreshing fruit drinks or any other kind that you want.

Taking nature walk is another activity that you can go for. This walk takes you through the forests as well as through the savannah grasslands and at the same time as this walk, you can enjoy the bird watching adventure. You can expect to see birds like the open-billed storks, cattle egrets, yellow-billed ducks, herons, Egyptian geese, among others.

Pineapple one of the best hotels on Ssese Island and it will give you the tranquility that you may need.

Accommodation at the Resort



If you choose to visit the pineapple bay resort, you can expect the best services and great accommodation facilities. This resort has about 6 Luxury Chalets and 4 Family Units therefore children are also welcome to the resort. The honeymooners have their own special Chalet, it is super private but the helpers are always there to help you with whatever you may need. The place is very quiet, peace and this kind of tranquility is simply what everybody wishes to have while out to relax and unwind.

From the beach and the rooms, you can feel the breeze and hear the whistle as the wind blows past the palm trees and then during the night, you can clearly witness the beauty of nature, from that deck of your private cottage, you can watch the sky.

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