Rwajimba Hot Springs.

The Rwajimba hot springs are found within the Albertine rift in the western part of Uganda, the magnificent springs are breathtaking with very interesting legend stories attached to them. They are found in Kibiito Sub County in Kabarole district of Uganda.

River Rwimi that divides Kabarole and Kasese districts is where the Rwajimba hot springs are situated, the locals believe that the springs cure a lot of infections when they bath from the springs, people who don’t prefer going to the spas in towns just get in this natural waters and get a more satisfying taste than even in a spa.

Rwajimba hot springs are famous to the people of Toro kingdom because it’s believed that their King (Omukama) used to frequent the springs. The King’s subject would lift him up on their shoulders and take him to the springs and the springs we’re only used by the king and some of the kingdom chiefs with permission.

While visiting the springs, tourists can hike on the spectacular rolling hills for striking views and cool enjoyment. Most locals flood the springs even on Sunday mornings when others are going to church others are on the move to the springs looking for healing powers.

A part from visiting the Rwajimba hot springs inUganda is endowed with other springs that tourists can visit such as; Kitagata​ hot springs, Buranga hot springs, amoropii hot springs, Nyasimbi hot springs among the rest.

Rwajimba hot springs is not only believed to heal the locals but also their livestock, most of the Toro people bring their sick cattle to be healed in the splendid springs. Others believe that the springs have gods attached to their healing hence come here to worship.

Rwajimba hot springs can be accessed from Kampala to Fort portal or from Kampala to Kasese. It’s approximately 25 kilometers from Fort portal- Kasese road and then drive to Kinyampanica primary school which is about 7 kilometers in Katebwa sub county where you will trek the falls.

A part from the enchanting hot springs that can be found in Uganda, the country is gifted with various bird species some of which are endemic to Uganda, their also various national parks for example Queen Elizabeth national park can be combined with an itinerary to Rwajimba hot springs, the park offers tourists with a thrilling wilderness safari and it’s for it’s tree climbing lions you can not find else where except in Lake Manyara national park in Tanzania.

Tourists visiting the Rwajimba hot springs can come along with their food and enjoy besides the springs. For those who would love to sleep there is camping grounds but you come along with your own camping equipment’s. But there are also various accommodations at fort portal or Kasese towns.

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