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Karuma Falls

karuma falls

Karuma falls became famous when John Speke one of the first explorers in Uganda during his mission for the true source of the river Nile which is the longest River in the World from Jinja where we find the source of the Nile flowing southwards in Sudan while he walked past the Karuma falls then also discovering the fall

Karuma falls are situated on Victoria Nile  in Uganda, they are the most beautiful waterfalls that one would not like to stop enjoy viewing their scenic beauty and great appearance.

Karuma falls are strategically located within the eastern part of Murchison falls national park which is the largest national park in Uganda and it is famously known as a home to the great Murchison fall found in north eastern region of Uganda.

Murchison falls is not only famous for the might Murchison fall but it harbors a lot of great wildlife wonders that tourist would prefer to enjoy when they visit the park thus making Murchison falls one of the top destinations for Uganda safaris.

Karuma falls is dominated by a series of natural nice looking rocks that were formed on the base of Victoria Nile and due to the sequence of this great beautiful rocks, the Albertine river Nile has been rippled which  offers a great outlook and appearance of the Nile incredible and impressive white foam.

Karuma name was delivered from a belief that the Great Spirit called karuma placed these beautiful and nice looking rocks to block the river waters of Victoria Nile that is why the falls in karuma are called karuma falls.

Karuma falls are greatly considered as one of the key tourism attraction due to the fact that is it is strategically located at the base of the Victoria Albertine and it became famous when the first explorer called john Speke passed through karuma falls when he was trying to tress the source of the river Nile which is the longest river in the world flowing southwards in Sudan.

Historical myth about karuma falls

Way back in 2007, the karuma falls used to be a danger zone for the Lord Resistance Army Rebels that used to attack vehicles on the road with its passengers until they were dealt with by the Uganda government and they were forced to go back to the tropical rain forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Within karuma falls, a bride was constructed which is known as the karuma bridge acts as a connecting point between Gulu district and Masindi district. The karuma bridge was purposely constructed 1963 to support the cotton farmers in west Nile.

Karuma fall acts a generation source to the power station that is about 750 megawatts hydro-power development that was greatly supported by the government of Uganda as well as foreign investors or partners.

Activities at karuma fall

Karuma is strategically located at the eastern part of Murchison fall national park and is one of the oldest national parks that are highly visited by a large percentage of tourists that come Africa.  A visit to karuma fall can be customized together with a safari to Murchison fall national park that is not only a home to the might Murchison falls but there is a lot to enjoy while on your safari to Murchison fall national.

Such as wildlife game viewing that is best done in the northern sector of the park where there is high concentration of wildlife animals which include, the Rothschild giraffes, the elephants, the lions, hippos, the African buffaloes, the impala antelopes, zebras, bush bucks, water bucks, warthogs, among others.

Boot cruise ride on the victoria Nile will offer you an amazing you an amazing adventure experience as you will enjoy viewing different wildlife and birds at the river banks such as the Nile crocodile, the hippos, elephants taking water, antelopes among others. Boat cruise can be done with the delta boat to the Nile boat that is done on the bottom of the falls and at the downstream of the Albertine Nile.

Nature on budongo forest that will give an insight to explore the tropical forest that is home to various primate animals such as the grey checked mangabey, the white and black colobus monkeys, the red tailed monkeys, the olive baboons, among others as well as different bird species such as the Exclusive shoebill stork and many others.

Where to stay at karuma falls

There are a wide range of accommodation facilities that travelers can use when they visit karuma falls. These range from budget, mid-range as well as luxury facilities, such as red chill camp, Chobe safari lodge, karuma falls campsite, simbiya river lodge among others that offer excellent service to all travelers.

How to get to karuma safari lodge?

Travelers from Kampala to karuma falls can use road transport using either public means such as buses or private services of a tour operator from Kampala via Masindi-Gulu road and it takes about 3-4 hours’ drive covering a distance of approximately 255 kilometers.

From Gulu town to karuma falls, it will take travelers about one hour covering a distance of 78 kilometers, from Arua town to karuma falls it will take you about 3 hours covering a distance of 241 kilometers and from Masindi town it will take travelers about one and half hours covering a distance of 97 kilometers.

In conclusion, karuma falls is one of the great and beautiful waterfalls that is visited throughout the year regardless of which season the traveler has come to Uganda.

The Karuma Falls comprise of a sequence of natural good locking rock formations all the way at the base of the Victoria Nile, within this place, and these result into the waters of the great River Nile to ripple, offering the Nile an appearance of stunning white foam. 

The falls are found at the place where the main road of Masindi-Gulu crosses the great river Nile, about 110 km northeast of the town of Masindi and only 70 km south of the town of Gulu.

These 2 districts are connected by the Karuma Bridge, constructed in 1963 to assist cotton farmers within the west Nile. This bridge crosses the huge waterfall whereas the sprays of water of the white water move towards Southern Sudan in the northern part of Uganda.

It also has a Power Station, the largest hydro power project in Uganda with a planned capacity of 600 megawatts. These roaring waterfalls found on the beautiful Victoria Nile are among the most impressive and leading tourist attractions in Uganda. Locally called the Karuma Falls, the name was derived from a notion that Karuma, a great spirit, positioned the stones which break the waters of the river.

The stunning Karuma Falls are located on the eastern border of the Murchison Fall National Park (which is the largest reserve in Uganda), and just an hour drive from the district of Gulu in north-western Uganda.

the land of the park around these falls pride in a broad diversity of birds, buffaloes, antelopes, monkeys, Uganda azas safari lions, baboons, elephants, leopards, Uganda Kobs, Hartebeest as well as giraffes.

The main activity that takes place here is Sport fishing. To visit the falls, you can combine your journey as you go visiting Murchison Falls National Park. Organised a 3 day safari to Murchison Falls.

Day 1: Kampala to Karuma Falls.

Our company representative will pick you up and then you will leave Kampala to Karuma falls.  You will enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the way as you proceed to your destination. You will have a brief stopover in luwero for fruits such as pineapples, oranges, mangoes, guavas and others

Then again branch off in Nakitoma in Nakasongola for a visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Lunch will be taken in Masindi and thereafter the journey will continue up to Murchison falls. You will have a sunset cruise on victoria Nile, an evening  game  drive or drive to the top of the falls where you will view the falls i.e. Murchison falls and the smaller sister fall called the uhuru falls.

There after you will have check in for dinner and overnight any lodge of your choice some of which include; Paraa safari lodge, Chobe safari lodge, UWA campsite, Murchison safari lodge, Budongo Eco lodge.

Day 2:  Explore Murchison Falls National Park

After the early morning breakfast, you will then Set off for an early game view drive around the Buligi game tracks on the northern bank with a trained ranger guide to see a wide range of animals in the Nile valley  like Lions, buffaloes, water buck, Jackson’s hartebeest, Rothschild’s giraffe, oribi and baboons and others.

You will have a break for lunch for about one and a half hrs. and in the afternoon   you can take a launch cruise on the Murchison falls in about two hrs. Spot the bank residents which include:  the largest hippos and crocodiles, small herds of buffalo. There is rich birdlife on the papyrus banks, encounter shoe bill stork, the most sought after bird in Africa. There after you will go back to your hotel for dinner, some drinks and an overnight.

Day 3: Fishing in Karuma Falls

After your morning breakfast, get ready with your fishing equipment for the most exciting activity. The guide will then pick you up to go fishing at falls by boat below the world renowned Murchison falls for the Nile perch and other species. You will spend the whole day fishing from the boat and at the shore.

This boat trip is also excellent for game viewing as you will be fishing in one of the best game areas on the Nile which can prove very exciting at times. Well, within the dramatic pools below the legendary waterfalls we will be targeting the large Nile Perch which is caught in these waters weighing over 100 kilos. Return to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay

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