Savannah Game Drives

Savannah Game Drives — Wildlife Viewing

Savannah game drives refers to wild animals or wildlife in a protected area or range. Drive is the normal driving in a protected or regulated game or national park. So the game drive is simply driving in these protected areas that have gazetted track or trails that allow special cars with good viewing points as they enjoy nature and wildlife.

While in Africa or Uganda and Rwanda in particular, Azas safaris uses tailor made 4×4 vehicles that have a pop-up roof where one can stand in the car and view wildlife at its best in a nice and slow mode. The roads especially in rainy seasons are not very well maintained due to heavy rains but can be added to the package of experience.

Game drives in Uganda are usually conducted very early in the morning starting about 6:00am and can go on up to 12 noon. They can also start from 4:30pm to about 7:00pm. There are special payment for the night game drives in search for the animals of the night.

Popular Places For Game Drives in Uganda

Murchison falls national park on the northern bank that has volumes of wide range of animals with the common being herds of Savannah Elephants, Giraffes, Cape Buffalos, antelopes like Kobs, Jackson’s heartbeat, Oribi, waterbucks only to mention but a few, Warthogs, prides of Lions, Leopards, hyenas and different bird species.

What makes a game drive in these parts special is the terrain and the delta area that has lots of Hippos ad you take a break off the car.

The game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park are done in Kasenyi area and southern sector that is a home to the tree climbing lions, expect to see; Lions, leopards, elephants, warthogs, Spotted hyenas, Antelopes like Kobs, waterbucks, topis bush bucks and also lots of bird species. This particular area has explosion craters that add flavor to the driving as it adds one of the most spectacular scenic views in Africa.

There is also Lake Mburo national park the most underestimated yet one the most fulfilling parks to visit 2019 Common residents are the zebra herds, Impala endemic to only this park and elands the biggest shy antelopes, leopards and giraffes. This is one guaranteed game drive  that would not disappoint.

Kidepo Valley National Park is the most natural national park. The famous game drives a rewarding with one of the biggest buffalo herds in east Africa or the prides of lions, the animals in this park have less visitors hence more wild and great experience.

A game drive particularly in Uganda is less crowded and still in its natural state hence with less effect of mass tourism and yet to be fully utilized. The animals are supposed to be wild, inquisitive, graceful and given enough time one can see some actions like fighting of the kobs, hinting lions or leopards, elephants at watering holes cooling off.

Take your time and enjoy each animal you come across, we do not just drive you through, we ensure we capture those rare moments with you.

Savannah Wildlife Viewing Game Drives in Uganda
wild game drive

Where to do the Activity

Tips For a Good Wildlife Viewing Game

Azas safari game viewing game drive have so much to offer to tourists, but the one thing that amazes our guides is that they mostly ask to see the lions. Definitely, because lions are re sighting on a game drive, it is rewarding to find pride or one on a hunt. We encourage our travelers to look out for other fascination animals, you may be lucky that the small animal you’re watching turns out to be the next meal for the lions and you happen to catch the hunt at the right time. It’s fascinating you know.

They are definitely a rewarding prize finding them but then you may need to capture the struggle and life of a Dung Beetle, mating kobs or even grooming primates.

All this is what makes a game drive enjoyable together with companions below

  • Carry a pair of Binoculars
  • Have enough drinking water
  • Cary a packed meal to reduce on rush hours
  • Spend more than 3 hours in a single game drive if you have the time
  • Your eyes and sightings come in handy to the guide and for you to participate
  • Ask as many questions as you can
  • Cloths should be casual and less brightly colored
  • Sun screen
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunglasses
  • Do not feed any animal, they are wild keep your space and let them stay natural
  • A 4×4 Safari car
  • Avoid crowded places and driver at your own time not

Game Drive Safaris

Our tailor-made Azas safaris are sure to cover the best game drive tracks and take you beyond off the bitten path to catch the wildlife drama right when it happens. Our guides and travel managers plan your trip to the last detail making sure you don’t miss the relaxing journey moments. Trust us to know our own home.

Take a look at some of our suggested safari packages that include game drive experiences and talk to an expert to help you get started.

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