Mount Bigugu Trail

Mount Bigugu Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Mount Bigugu trail is the most challenging and difficult hiking trail in Nyungwe forest national park. The trail is covering13.2 kilometers on an elevation between 2950 to 2367 meters, Bigugu trail derived its name from Bigugu Mountain the highest peak in Nyungwe forest national park which is at an altitude of 2950 meters above sea level. Hiking the mountain Bigugu trail is somehow difficult and it takes about 6 hours to complete the hike. This trail offers an excellent bird-watching experience as you spot birds like chestnut owlet, great blue and Ruwenzori Turacos, red collared mountain babbler, white-bellied Robin, and others.

Mount Bigugu trail also offers an exciting walk through a collection of flora in the Nyungwe forest.  If you hike Mountain Bigugu up to the top during the dry season, you may be rewarded with three fiery blossoms to light your way to the top the large, red-orange owers of Red-hot Poker, conical, Disa robusta, orange owers of the orchid, and the scarlet owers of the endemic Nyungwe Jewel weed.

Mount Bigugu Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Mount Bigugu Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Hiking to the top of mount Bigugu, hikes are embraced with the most outstanding 360 degrees overview of the entire park from above. On a clear day, you can get a chance to see the hills and islands of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the shimmer of Lake Kivu beckoning in the distance, and the extension of Nyungwe forest in Kabira National Park in Burundi. You may also see the summits of Volcanoes National Park (if you’re lucky).

What is the best time to hike mount Bigugu in the Nyungwe forest

Mountain Bigugu in Nyungwe forest national park can be hiked all year round but it is best in the dry months of January, February, June, July, August, September, and December when the trail is less wet and slippery hence making hiking excellent and tourists get a chance to enjoy hiking experience with no interruption from rainfall. During March, April, May, October, and November tourists are not advisable to visit Nyungwe for hiking mountain Bigugu because the trail tends to be wet and slippery which making hiking challenging and difficult. 

What to pack for hiking mount Bigugu trail in Nyungwe forest national park.

Hiking mountain Bigugu in Nyungwe forest national park, you have to carry a  rain jacket as it may rain any time, hiking boots, a camera with extra batteries, binocular, long-sleeved clothes, hat, garden gloves, water and energy drinks, and a walking stick is provided at free of charge from the reception center.

Nyungwe Forest national park is a blessed forest with many tourist activities such as its famous chimpanzee trekking this has been complemented with the Canopy walk experience as well as colobus monkey trekking and bird watching.  You can also visit other national parks in Rwanda such as Volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking and get to know more about these primates.

Mount Bigugu Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Mount Bigugu Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

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