Mandara/Maundi Crater

Maundi crater is a relatively small depression that is located near Mandara huts campsite on mt Kilimanjaro. It was formed as a result of the volcanic activity that was present on the mountain, evident today by the hampered vegetation growth that is present inside it today. The lowest part of the crater has even less vegetation when compared to the surroundings.

Mandara/Maundi Crater

Mandara/Maundi Crater

Mount Kilimanjaro offers many scenic hikes; some of these hikes are only for more advanced hikers, but there are a few which can be attempted by healthy and fit holidaymakers. One of the most popular hikes here are hikes to the Maundi Crater Rim. It’s about a 15 minute hike past the first checkpoint of Kilimanjaro which is called Mandara and is situated on the Marangu Route.

The hike to the Maundi Crater Rim is known to be quite intense as the Mandara checkpoint is about 2, 700 meters above sea level. For less experienced hikers the altitude may become a problem and the weather is unpredictable which may also cause obstacles. Even though the hike might have some challenges it is not an extremely long hike, but with the amazing scenery on your way to the rim you’ll definitely not be complaining.

The majority of the hike is in the Kilimanjaro’s tropical rain forest and this section of the mountain is absolutely gorgeous and magical. Hikers should be ready to cross paths with baboons or mongoose. On this hike and if the conditions are rainy you should be extra careful not to slip on wet rocks; this is especially true for the last 30 minutes of the hike as the walk gets extremely steep.

On average the trail will take you about three hours to the Mandaru checkpoint where a short walk will then take you to the Maundi Crater Rim. For the best views of the rim the weather has to be clear; on clear days you’ll have magnificent views which stretch all the way to Kenya as the rim is close to the Northern border.

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