About Mount Mikeno

Mount Mikeno is amount in standing on an elevation of 4,437 meters above sea level; it’s locate sin the Democratic republic of Congo alongside the other seven virunga ranges. It’s a dormant Volcano and the highest peak of the virunga mountains after Karisimbi Mountain.

Mount Mikeno is in the southern sector of the virunga Mastiff in Virunga national park, mount Mikeno is hit by winds which rise leading to the formation of relief rainfall hence making it’s soils fertile unlike other surrounding volcanoes.

There was a nature photographer and conservationists known as Carl Akeley who died of fever in 1926 while climbing mount Mikeno he was buried at the first campsite now known as Kabara it takes about 4 hours to reach this place.

The sad thing about his grave is that it’s in pieces it’s not known whether its Rwandese or Congolese who consecrated his grave in search of gold they believe to have been buried with this conservationist.

After Kabara campsite, tourists will take another four hours to reach h the summit of mount Mikeno.



Mount Mikeno is renowned for harboring the world’s famous mountain gorillas, the word Mikeno is derived from a local word to mean “poor* this is because of it’s difficult slopes.

Mount Mikeno summit has been considered as the hardest to climb from the all virunga volcanoes however, getting to the destination is worth the hustle as you can view the east African rift that is still forming from 30 million years, the views are very breathtaking.

Mount Mikeno summit was first reached by W.J. Ganshoff Van der Meesch in 1932, for the first time after 28 yearsit was climbed by Lewis Mudge, Pierre Peron and TjeenkWillink the mountain requires technical and experienced mountain climbers to climb.

There are a number of activities tourists can engage in at Mikeno Mountain some of this can are:


Tourists hiking to the top of mount Mikeno can hire hiking gears from Mikeno lodge or just is their own gears if they have; potters are also available to help you carry your luggage to the top and back at an affordable fee.

0..The climb provides panoramic views of the entire national park with coffee plantations and waterfalls

Tourist can also opt for a cultural experience at the surrounding villages, Rwanda is one of the country’s with very rich culture and history interacting with the locals will expose you to more knowledge about this country they also have exceptional traditional dances that will make you not to forget your stay in Rwanda.

To hike mount Mikeno or do gorilla trekking, tourist need to book directly with the national park or use a travel company but visitors who come on their own will have problems being allowed in the park. The departure poi t for gorilla trekking is always at the Bakima patrol post

The best time to visit mount Mikeno is during the dry season here you can easily see gorillas at the mountain slopes and you will not expect rain whole hiking

There are various accommodation units like mount Mikeno lodge where tourists can spend a night before or after hiking the mountain.



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