Facts About The Marina Cruise Ship

Experience the most incredible time in Dubai on the marvelous marina cruise ship. The marina cruise ship resembles the ancient Arabic dhow. The ship is a piece of art with an amazing upper porch and a fully functioning air-conditioned lower porch.

You will have memorable moments with the marina cruise ship. The marina cruise sets sail every evening from the shores of Dubai. From the cruise ship, you can view the amazing infrastructure of Dubai city. They are starlit and give an awesome vision of this marvelous city.

There are several packages that are inclusive of the tours. Here are the types of marina cruise ships that offer amazing deals. Enjoy your perfect moment with this amazing tour.

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Facts About the Marina Cruise Ship Types

The Marina Royal Dinner Cruise

The Marina Royal Dinner Cruise

The tour takes a duration of 120 minutes. The marina royal dinner cruise mixes Islamic traditions and the contemporary luxurious life of Dubai. The trip goes to the deep Arabian sea.

There are several infrastructures in the marina. You can view the glamorous marina Dubai mall with starlit lights and of Burj Khalifa tower. While aboard the two-tiered Arabic dhow, you can see the marina yacht club as you sip the delicious Arabic coffee.

There is also an inclusive package for dinner. You can order a special dish in advance which will be prepacked for you at the beginning of the trip. The 5-star JW Marriot hotel serves the meals.

The marina cruise ship gives you a lot of other free packages. Enjoy dates as you begin your tour. Enjoy several tapped music as enjoyment.

The marina royal dinner cruise charges are 370 AED.

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

The most glamorous cruise found in the marina. Here you will relish the beautiful views of the various infrastructure on the shores of the Dubai marina. Also, relish the sights of the magnificent palm lagoon. Enjoyments are soft recorded music.

Enjoy your evening viewing the stylish shore of the city of Dubai. The landmarks at the shores give you a breathtaking sight as you move in the water. The tour is a duration of 120 minutes.

Relish the red-carpet and welcome you to board this marvelous ship. You can view the Palm Jumeirah and Ain Dubai from the ship’s porch.

After the cruise, you are welcomed to an international buffet. The lavish dinner service at the cruise is served as you are entertained with soft slow music. You will also delight in watching the Tanoura dance live performance.

Enjoy all these remarkable moments for only 245 AED. The marina cruise is an epitome of beauty and amazing sights.

The Lotus Megayacht Sunset Cruise

The Lotus Megayacht Sunset Cruise

The marina cruise also offers you the incredible lotus megayacht cruise. This huge cruise takes you to the very deep waters of the Arabian show. It is a huge ship and has a lot of table space and a huge viewing deck.

Appreciate the international dishes cooked live on the ship. There are varieties of diet options you can choose from. This lavish dinner is enjoyed while listening to soft recorded music.

You will have table service during the dinner session. Enjoy your time on the lotus megayacht for only 199 AED.

The Luxurious Bateaux Dubai Cruise Dinner

The Luxurious Bateaux Dubai Cruise Dinner

This stylish glass-sided cruise ship will amaze you so much. You can view all the wonderful sights along the Dubai creek at the comfort of the large deck.

You will be provided with a gourmet as you delight in the sights and the tour into the waters. The tour takes two and a half hours inside the Arabian waters.

It is a special romantic cruise that will amaze your partner. There is modern music for entertainment purposes. Enjoy the four-course dinner during the tour. Several beverages are available at your own specific orders. The drinks include wine and other non-alcoholic drinks.

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