The 10 Best Beaches In Uganda

Beaches in Uganda many wonderful attractions that lure visitors to its shores each year. Thanks to Lake Victoria, this land-locked country enjoys many wonderful beaches, 80% of which can be found in the Entebbe area. Clean, beautiful white-sand, celestial sunrises, remarkable rare birds are but a few of the treats that await anyone who goes out for a day at the beach in Uganda. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best beaches in the country.

Lido Beach in Uganda

Located approximately a kilometre from the Entebbe International Airport, Lido Beach is one of the oldest beaches in Uganda. A fairly busy place on a weekend, Lido Beach is considered a party spot and is a favorite for locals. An event is held there almost every weekend, ranging from family-oriented activities to wild parties. The white sandy beach enjoys beautiful sunsets. Like everywhere else in Lake Victoria, swimming is not allowed due to risk of bilharzia. If you are looking to have fun the local way, drop by Lido Beach on a weekend.

Address: Lido Beach, Kampala Rd., Entebbe, Uganda

Imperial Beaches in Uganda

Located south-west of Kampala, Imperial Resort Beach in uganda and Imperial Botanical Beach are ideal for water sports and sunbathing. The two beaches are very close to each other and are maintained by the Imperial Beach Resort Hotel. At the Imperial Botanical Beach, you will find many exotic trees, plants and rare birds. This is the perfect place to take pictures. Guests from the hotel or visitors to the beaches can be found enjoying mystical sunsets, sunbathing or enjoying water sport activities. On the weekend, the beach can get crowded and it sometimes hosts local events.

Address: Imperial Beaches, Uganda

Lutembe Beach

Just four kilometers off Kampala Entebbe Road in Wakiso District is Lutembe Beach. It is situated right beside the Lutembe wetlands, a well-known bird sanctuary and home to the white-winged terns in Uganda. Lutembe Beach is ideal for bird-watching fanatics and photographers of all levels. And unlike many other beaches in Uganda, Lutembe is public and access to it is free. The beach is clean and ideal for camping. Rent a boat and head towards the rose flower garden and get a picturesque view of the many water birds.

One Love Beach

Presently owned by the popular Ugandan artist Bobi Wine, One Love is more than just a beach. Located in Busabala,  is one lovve beach a place to relax and inhale the lake breeze on a lazy day. Visitors can enjoy fun games of beach volley ball, sun baths, a pleasant stroll along the shore, exciting boat cruises and other activities. The beach also offers a variety of food, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in case you get hungry. Local events are hosted on the beach regularly.

One love Beach Uganda

Address & telephone number: one love beach busabala Uganda 0784514050

Munyonyo Beach

The upscale neighborhood of Munyonyo is a prime destination in Uganda not just for the martyrs’ shrine and its five-star hotels, but also for the munyonyo beach. Located in close proximity to Kampala, the beach is maintained by the munyonyo common wealth This beach provides many fun-filled activities. There is the opportunity to rent a speedboat or a canoe and visit Bullago and Chimp islands nearby. Helicopter trips can be provided as well. Horseback riding, fishing, or a game of paintball are other fun ways to pass time in the relaxed environment.

Munyonyo Beach in Uganda

Address: munyonyo beach,munyonyo Uganda

Serena Resort Beach

Located in the Kigo District, this exclusive beach is only accessible for guests of the Lake Victoria Serena Resort. What makes this beautiful beach so unique is that not only is it surrounded by lush greenery but it is also the perfect spot to dock your private boat and play some golf. Visitors to this paradise can be seen enjoying various water sports. Serena Resort Beach is not recommended for swimming due to risk of bilharzia. For those who would like to swim, the resort has a large pool to cool down after a hot day.

Serena Beach Uganda

Address & telephone number: Serena Resort Beach, Kigo Rd. Uganda, 0784514050

Ssese Islands beach in Uganda

Located north-west of Lake Victoria’s, the Ssese Islands is a famous destination point for both visitors and locals alike. Perfect for bird-watchers and anyone looking for tranquility, the islands boast a lot of exotic birds, monkeys, and even the occasional crocodile and hippo. Trips between islands can be arranged from Kalangala by lake taxi or private boat. You can rent a bicycle, enjoy a nice bonfire at nights, or visit the party scene on weekends along Kalangala Bay. Have a bite to eat or enjoy a refreshing drink at one of the many restaurants and pubs in Kalangala Town nearby.

ssese island beach Uganda

Address: Ssese Island Beach, Kalangala District, Uganda

Bugala Island Beach | ©
Ssesse Islands beach in Uganda

Nabinonya Resort Beach in Uganda

ResortShareViewAdd to PlanAccredited for its natural beauty, Nabinonya Resort Beach is considered a youth and family-oriented place. For those looking for an adventure, there is the lovely site of the remnant forest, home to a variety of monkeys, birds and reptiles. The beach also has a popular campsite nearby. The spot is perfect to observe the local soccer youth team in action, as they use the campsite from time to time. If you should get hungry, there are a number of stalls that sell snacks and drinks

Spennah Beach

Speenah is one of the favored beaches of the locals and is considered a party beach. On a common weekend, events like weddings, birthday parties, fashion shows and music festivals are the norm. The week days enjoy a fairly quieter time where lovers, friends and families can be seen sprawled out on the white-sanded treasure. If you desire to blend in with the locals, this beach is the best place. Order some snacks or famous chicken roast from the kitchen whenever you plan to stop by.

Spennah Beach in Uganda

Lost Paradise Beach

A hidden gem, south-west of Uganda on Lake Bunyonyi, is Lost Paradise Beach. Lost Paradise can be accessed within 15 minutes with a motor boat. Ideal for those who are into yoga and meditation, it is easy to get captivated by the green tranquil surroundings of nature. Lost Paradise Beach is one of the most affordable attractions in Uganda. But what is most alluring about this place is that it is situated on Lake Bunyonyi that poses no risk of bilharzia and has no crocodiles or hippos, hence it is one of the few places in Uganda that is safe to swim.

Lost paradise beach Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi | © Rod Waddington/Flickr
Lost Paradise Beach in Uganda

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