Itanda falls

Itanda falls

Itanda falls are found along the Situs Slot Gacor in Jinja. Most people visiting Jinja do not know about Itanda falls except for those who are there to go white water rafting. The famous Bujagali falls that might be just a few ripples now but that doesn’t mean the Nile is peaceful and boring. Just a short distance from Bujagali the Nile fiercely breaks into the roaring Itanda falls. The falls are such a magnificent and almost equally scary sight.

Itanda falls is characterized by all the six whitewater rafting levels. It is the Paradise of Kayakers and Rafters and was once visited by Prince William of Great Britain, Itanda falls is one of the most spectacular and beautiful hidden treasure of Uganda

Itanda falls is a steep cascade roaring waterfall on the majestic River Nile the longest river in the world, the water is estimated at 100 meters deep. Whirlpools can drag one down 50 metres, according to journals kept by rafters, before letting go. Sharp rocks and the rocket-like current can trap even the most experienced.The falls have three levels of rapids which go up from grade 1 to 6. Kayakers and rafters need to be mindful of these levels.


  • There are Monkeys, Nile monitors, Baboons, snakes and a variety of birds.
  • Culture dancers are available to entertain visitors at a small fee
Itanda falls

Getting there

Itanda Falls is about 27 kilometers from Jinja town and takes about 45 minutes’ drive along River Nile

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