Sasa Trail Mount Elgon Trail Head

Sasa trail is the most popular route up the mountain, and one can summit without the need for any technical climbing.

It is a multi-day trek to the summit, and the number of days depend on the fitness of the group and how much of the mountain you wish to explore.

Besides standing on the highest point (bragging rights!), one can explore other peaks, caves, waterfalls, the crater floor and even soak in some hot springs.

Sasa Trail Mount Elgon Trail Head

Sasa Trail Mount Elgon Trail Head

Three to five days is the norm.

One may choose to return via the same trail (Sasa), or descend via the Piswa trail. Note that this is not a loop.

The really adventurous may want to consider ascending on the Ugandan side and descending on the Kenyan side or vice versa. This can be arranged and there will be an exchange of guides near the border!

Being over four thousand meters, the usual warnings about high-altitude climbing applies.

Sasa Trail Mount Elgon Trail Head

Sasa Trail Mount Elgon Trail Head

Sasa Trail Mount Elgon Trail head

Sasa Trail starts at Budadiri and it is the best route to reach Wagagai peak.  Bumasola is the start point when you’re going to use the Sasa trail to climbing Mountain and hiking permits are organized from here. You can use a motorbike with your guide from here to the start of the hike up the escarpment into the National Park or you can walk along a road.  Hikers are advised to start early in the morning to avoid the heat during midday when you’re still down at a low altitude.  It is somehow difficult to climb the Sasa trail on the first day as you gain about 2000m by the time you arrive at Mude Cave Camp at 3500m. The first walk will take you through community gardens with lots of tomatoes, bananas cabbages, passion fruits, and sweet potatoes. The large trees are also seen as big as those in the forest, to reach the boundary, it will take you like 2 hours. From here you will walk a few distances to the wall of death and then you will hike up and down through various hills where the climb is over 1600m before coming up to Sasa River.       

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